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Leah was a healthy 42-year-old, wife and mother of three, who worked a full time job when she was diagnosed with  

Stage 4 Lung Cancer in December of 2013. Leah had never smoked nor lived with anyone who smoked, so the news was very unexpected. The diagnosis was grim. Her oncologist recommended chemotherapy, but assured her that it would not defeat the cancer.


Luckily, Leah’s fate changed when further testing revealed that she had a lung cancer variation known as the “ALK mutation”. Only about 6% of people diagnosed with Lung Cancer receive this particular diagnosis. The saving grace is  that researchers have found ways to suppress this particular type of Lung Cancer.

Leah’s future, and many others like her, is literally in the hands of these researchers. This is why we have chosen to actively seek funding for Lung Cancer Research by creating the Lungs4Life Foundation, Inc.  We also aim to increase awareness that anyone can get lung cancer, to encourage healthy living and emphasize annual physicals. We decided to partner with UNMC and the Fred and Pamela Buffett Cancer Center on the Nebraska Medicine campus in Omaha.

At this time, the Lungs4Life Foundation has donated a total of $183,000 to the Fred and Pamela Buffet Cancer Center through the Nebraska University Foundation.  We are proud to keep the money right here in our hometown of Omaha!


Leah and her husband, Tim, continue to live normal and busy lives with their three children: Theresa (17), Nick (11) and Donovan (10). Leah returned to her full-time job in 2020 after taking many years off to reduce stress and focus on boosting her immune system. This allowed her to spend more time with family and work for this important cause.

our Board Members:

Our board consists of nine members, of friends and family who volunteer their time to this cause.  Many of them have been personally touched by lung cancer.

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The Bochnicek


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