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Five Little Known Facts About Lung Cancer


1) ANYONE can get Lung Cancer, it does not discriminate!


2) Lung Cancer kills 100,000 more people every year than any other single cancer.


3) The five-year survival rate for Lung Cancer is 19%* (compared to 90% for Breast Cancer)


4) The number of Women diagnosed with lung cancer has more than doubled since 1975.


5) Lung Cancer remains the most under-funded and under-researched cancer in America.


*This percentage varies; Small Cell Lung Cancer has a lower rate than Non-Small Cell.


Take Care of Yourself! 


>>Take advantage of every Preventative Screening available to you, especially if it is  covered by your insurance!

>>Schedule an Annual Physical with your Doctor, no matter how young or healthy you may appear to be! Ask if your insurance covers a Chest X-Ray as part of yourAnnual Physical 

and ensure your Dr. orders one! Review what your insurance covers and let your Dr. know that you want what you pay for!

>>If you were or are a smoker, ask your Dr. if you qualify for the new Lung Cancer Screening, which involves a low dose CT scan.

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